Jamie Sadock!

top picture JAMIE SADOCK is ONE of the most Contemporary designers in the world.  She has such a unique sense of style and design.  Jamie captures her unique design style in every garment she makes, from adding Crystals and Rivet treatment or by trimming garments in leather. Her fabric selections are cutting edge and the fit of her bottoms, are one of the BEST in the industry!

Jamie has such a Uniqueness, that Customers exhibit a "JAMIE ADDICTION" hence" JAMIE ADDICTS"!  Believe me, you'll stand out in a crowd when you are wearing one of Jamie's Designs. 

Jamie has been a designer for many years in both the golf and tennis industry.  In the past she designed for Calvin Klein, Le Coq Sport-if, to Ix spa. Today She Owns her own line of Designer Collections.  Each month she comes out with NEW Looks in Golf Fashion.  Her Newest Collections include SunSense a line of UV Sun Protection Clothing that are Ultra Light. It's like wearing nothing at all....and is Available in many beautiful Prints.

It's time you experience the "JAMIE PHENOMENON". Take a look inside today!