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A Girl's On-Course Survival Guide...Play Better Golf!

This guide serves as a woman’s tool to quickly reference a particular shot or difficult side hill lie that may otherwise throw amateurs off their game. The 284-page portable, full-color book offers an inspiring, unique first-person amateur’s point of view.

  • Christina Ricci - A Girls On Course Survival Guide:
  • Written by Boston University graduate Christina Ricci
  • On-course survivor guide to use on or off the golf course
  • Covers everything you need to enjoy the game of golf and score better, whether you are a weekend player, a corporate executive, or an avid golfer
  • Offers an inspiring, unique first-person amateur’s point of view
  • Step-by-step illustrated instructions for every technical aspect of the game
  • Includes sections on course management, mental tools, rules and etiquette, and hysterical jokes when all else fails
  • Wire-bound and perfectly sized for the golf bag
  • Size: 4¼" x 5¾" x ¾"
  • 284 pages
  • Style #2384

    About the Author:
    So who the heck is Christina Ricci? Is she the talented actress from the movie The Addams Family? No. But she is in the top 5 percentile of excellent golfers in the country. She's written this book because she wanted to share her 5-year learning experience in a way that will be an inspiration to other amateur women golfers all over the world.

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