Bskinz Women's Knit Printed Stretch 20" Pull-On Skort-Graffiti

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Bskinz -Sharp print, Colorful floral print with bright colors,   Bskinz golf skorts are the perfect compliment to your golf game. Comfort and ease of movement are essential to a great golf skort. BSkinz golf skorts are all of that and more! Fabulous patterns,

 2 front pockets, and and 2 back 5" pockets along with the right lengths make them the perfect choice. Comfortable 4" inseam supplex shorts stay in place while you move.

(20" length is for the Med sizing, lengths graduate longer for larger sizes, and shorter for smaller sizing.)


Sizing For Golf Skorts (Meets country club length requirements.)

XS Fits sizes 2 - 4,  length is 19"
S Fits sizes 4 - 6,  length is 19.5"
M Fits sizes 8 - 10,  length is 20"
L Fits sizes 10 - 12, length is 20.5"
XL Fits sizes 14-16, length is 21"
XXL Fits sizes 16-18, length is 21.5"

Style # Skort grafitti20

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