Jamie Sadock

 Jamie Sadock is one of the most Contemporary designers in the world, She has such a unique sense of style and design, She captures her unique style in every garment she designs, from crystals and rivet treatments, to garments trimmed in leather, The fabric and fit of her bottoms, are one of the best in the industry,

She has such a uniqueness that customers exhibit a Jamie Addiction, hence Jamie Addicts!  Believe me, you stand out in a crowd, when you are wearing one of her designs, Jamie has designed for many years in the golf and tennis industry, from Calvin Klein, Le Coq Sportif, to Ixspa, and now her own line, Jamie Sadock, and DKNY Golf. 

She is the most sweet, lovable person who has such diversified interests as sky diving, motorcycle riding, no wonder, she has the same love and uniqueness in her clothing designs.

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    BASICS                        SUNSENSE        BLACK AND WHITE      

    LIFESTYLE                     SALE                             DRESSES    

     DESIRE                           HOT CHILI       PINKTEREST       

    DREAMWALKER             PASSION          GIGABRYTE  


              JOYRIDE              MOONLIT               EMERALD  



   LUMINOSITY                           CYAN       CUPID       

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