Bskinz Women's Knit Printed Stretch 18" Pull-On Skort- Black Chain


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Bskinz-Bskinz golf skorts are the perfect compliment to your golf game. Comfort and ease of movement are essential to a great golf skort. BSkinz golf skorts are all of that and more! Fabulous patterns.

2 front pockets, 2 back 5 inch pockets along with the right length of 18 inches, make this skort the perfect choice. Comfortable 4" inseam suplex shorts stay in place while you move!

SKORT Sizing: (XS)0-2  (S)4-6, (M) 8-10, (L) 12-14, (XL)16, (XXL) 18-20

(18" length is for the Med sizing, lengths graduate longer for larger sizes, and shorter for smaller sizing.)

Style # Skortblack chain18

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