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GG Blue Charlotte Sleeveless Shirt-Black/white


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Introducing CHARLOTTE, the classic golf polo with a contemporary twist.

We wanted to create a polo that was timeless but also reflective of the needs and wants of today's golfer. With more sporty vibes than classic, CHARLOTTE is made from moisture-wicking material that draws moisture away from your skin so you can keep your cool and dry. It features 8 zipper placket and UPF 30+ finish for sun protection.

CHARLOTTE is perfect for any type of player, whether you need extra sun protection on the course or something light enough to stay cool during a hot day on the links. 

- Sleeveless collar top
- 8" zipper placket
- 85% Poly 15% Spandex
- Anti-microbial and moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry
- UPF 50+ finish for sun protection

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