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Range Gripper - Grips, Secures, and Protects Range Finders and Smart Phone


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Never lose your Rangefinder or Phone again, with the Range Gripper. The Range Gripper fits in the cup holder of any golf cart and has specific slots for both your phone and a standard size rangefinder. Never lose your valuables on the course again, the Range Gripper keeps all your electronics securely in one place, protecting them from damage and loss, so that you can play your best game. Manufactured with a lightweight, flexible and durable polymer, it uniformly molds to all golf cart cup holders and most standard size smartphones and rangefinders. Even better, no bulk and folds easily to store away discretely in your golf bag when not in use. The Range Gripper was voted a top 10 PGA Product by Great American Golf Media, why not try it for yourself.

  • THE RANGE GRIPPER -- a safe and secure holder for your rangefinder and phone in-between shots; it sits in your golf cart cup holder to secure and protect your valuable electronics from loss and damage
  • ALWAYS MISPLACING YOUR RANGEFINDER OR CELL -- never lose them again with the universal Range Gripper; speed up play and no more worrying about your valuables
  • Grips all smartphones (3.5” wide or less) snugly
  • Prevents damage and scratches to your valuable electronics
  • Plenty of space for rangefinder models from 1990 on
  • Lightweight, flexible polymer
  • Fits easily in your golf bag
  • Fits all standard cup holders (3 – 3.5” in diameter)
  • Never lose your smartphone on the course again

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