Meet Our Owner and Staff at the Ladies Pro Shop

Meet Andrea Walch, she is the Owner and Operator of the Ladies Pro Shop in Stuart Florida. Andrea was originally encouraged to started her business in 1986 by her Father Gene, she was just 26 years old then. She had a vision and sheer determination to Outfit Women golfers when no one else was really doing this. Her vision was to dress a woman from head to toe in Stylish Fashion with Pro Line Golf Clothing.

Early on, she met Jamie Sadock who was also just getting started in the Fashion Golf Business. Back then Jamie was selling her Designs out of the trunk of her car! Andrea and Jamie became fast friends over the years and today 33 years later still have a fabulous relationship!  To date the Ladies Pro Shop carries and Highlights Jamie Sadock Golf and Resort Wear Clothing with New Arrivals EVERY MONTH!

Many of Andrea's customers were Snow Birds "so to speak" and would be in Florida during the Winter months playing a lot of Golf. When they returned to the North for the Summer months they missed the Ladies Pro Shop and out of necessity would call Andrea to ship them New Arrivals on Clothing and Golf Gloves or Shoes! So that's how the Online Store evolved and it has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 30 years!!

Today, the Ladies Pro Shop has a Staff of 3 Full Time and 5 part time Women. We pride ourselves on Personalizing your Shopping Experience and provide "Excellent Customer Service". We are here to take your calls and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We are open Monday through Saturday, Closed on Sundays to offer our Employees Family time.

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