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Vimhue Women's Fit Pony Tail Back Lightweight Bucket Hat -7 Beautiful Colors!

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Sun Goddess Bucket Hat, UPF50+

Female Fit. Form. Function: The new standard in headwear for Women by VIMHUE

        ProfileFitTM : designed for anatomy of female head

  •  Hat circumference scientifically based

  •  Panel height specifically sized for above the ear comfort


  •  Stylish, sleek design for the modern woman

  •  Satin, smooth texture to touch

  •  Contemporary and custom color palettes


  •  Ponytail freedom!! Hair up, down and everything in-between

  •  Breathable CooliningTM materials wicks away sweat, keeping you cool and dry

  •   UPF 50+ to protect your eyes and skin from harmful UV

  • Feather weight so you can put on and forget you're wearing it

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